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9 Apr

Posture, Ergonomics & Working From Home

More and more people are now working from home in recent weeks. Since this does not seem likely to change anytime soon it is imperative to have a good work space and set up for the home office. A good ergonomic set up includes: -chair with adjustable height and backrest to support the lumbar spine […]

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8 Aug

Perfect Posture, is it a myth?

For a long time now people have talked about the “perfect posture”, which most believe is sitting or standing up “perfectly” straight, head and shoulders back, tummy pulled in. But this is not necessarily correct nor should we be using the terms ‘perfect’ and ‘posture’ in the same sentence anymore. Our spines have natural curvatures […]

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30 Mar

Arranging your workspace to minimise injury and protect your health

More than likely, you’ve already heard that too much sitting isn’t good for your health and the importance of maintaining a good sitting posture while working in the office. If so, do you know how to set up a computer workstation to reduce the chance of repetitive type strain injuries? By setting up your office […]

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28 Dec

Back to School – How to wear your backpack correctly

The start of a new year means long, hot days as well as back to school and work for many children and adults. More and more of us are carrying heavier backpacks or wearing our backpacks incorrectly which places undue stress and strain onto the spine. Many people do not use both shoulder straps and […]

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