Occupational Therapy

Embrace Life is excited to collaborate with Kids That Go to provide Occupational Therapy services.

Occupational Therapists help children to achieve independence with their daily activities. They use the ‘occupations’ or jobs of childhood to bring change. These jobs are play, learning and self care.

Children keep very busy and have so many skills to learn before they launch into the world as independent young adults. These include playing, emotional regulation, concentrating, developing friendships, taking care of their personal needs (dressing/ eating/ toileting), literacy, problem solving and organisation. Their personality, sensory make-up and motivations also feed into their development across all of these areas.

Occupational Therapists aim to make development smooth, meaningful and motivating. To kids, this looks like ‘I want to do it!’, ‘I can do it!’ and ‘This is FUN!’. Independence & well-being are the ultimate aims in Occupational Therapy.

Kids That Go Occupational Therapist’s are now available for consultations at Embrace Life.  All bookings with Kids That Go can be made by contacting Kids That Go directly on 3087 1904 or by completing a New Patient Bookings form.