Get moving again…

by improving mobility and decreasing pain.

Physiotherapy consists of a variety of techniques to help provide a solution to what’s really causing your pain. We offer holistic treatment programs for a wide range of problems including postural issues, sports injuries and work-place rehabilitation support, which integrate a number of techniques for long-term results. As with all therapies, your complaint and necessary modes of therapy are always discussed to ensure you are well informed in your treatment selection.


Physiotherapy may help a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries including:

✓ Neck pain
✓ Mid back pain and discomforts
✓ Lower back pain
✓ Peripheral joint (ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand) complaints
✓ Address running biomechanics
✓ Sporting injuries
Tennis Elbow
Post-op Orthopaedic Rehab (including Paediatric tendon release)
Carpal Tunnel

Techniques can vary from stretching, applying pressure in various forms, education/advice, dry needling, strapping/taping and exercise prescription depending on the presenting complaint.

Embrace Life’s Physio’s, provide Physiotherapy services, as part of BUPA’s Member’s First network.

Embrace Life also accepts other health insurance funds via TYRO.  Embrace Life is a registered NDIS Provider.

Meet our Physiotherapy team here.

Physiotherapy for Children

At Embrace Life, our experienced Physio can assist your child with musculoskeletal concerns, neurological conditions, sporting injuries and recovery.

When should your child see a Physio?

 Your child has an unusual walk or foot posture

 Aches or pains with activity or rest

 To help with recovery after injury or surgery

 Concerns regarding your child’s posture

 To help with sports performance & recovery

BUPA health fund members with the appropriate Hospital & Extras cover, may be eligible for GAP FREE Kids Physio, with our Physio.  Embrace Life is a registered NDIS Provider.

Physiotherapy at Embrace Life
Kids Physio