Understand how you think, act and feel.

Everyday life, work or study pressure and relationship issues can sometimes be overwhelming, stressful and too difficult to cope with. Addressing these common issues is essential to maintaining a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Antoinetta provides a warm, nurturing and non-judgemental environment in which all clients can feel the freedom and safety to openly share their experiences. Seeing each person as a whole being ensures your session will be a holistic one addressing mind, body, and spirit to gain insight and healing at the deepest level.

With a lifelong passion for helping people of all ages, time with Antoinetta will be a truly personal experience. By combining traditional and holistic counselling techniques to identify and address key issues that are creating challenges and blocks in your life, you will work together to understand how you can heal from the hurt and despair these issues are causing, empowering you to move forward in a more peaceful and strengthened state.

Antoinetta has experience with:

✓ Trauma and abuse

Depression and Anxiety

Grief and loss

End of life

Life purpose and direction

Phobias and fears

Behavioural issues

Feelings of guilt and shame


And many more

Book your appointment with Antoinetta today by calling 3491 6533.  If you require more information about Antoinetta’s services, please do not hesitate to give our team a call.

Antoinetta Kisiel

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