Heal and invigorate the mind and relax your body with Massage

Massage reaches all the major body organs as well as helping the muscles and soft tissues stay healthy by correcting areas of tension. But the basis of massage is touch ‐ and there is increasing evidence of its significant value. It goes so far as to suggest that friendliness, combined with warmth, sympathy and touch, can have a powerful effect on general health.


Massage has been known to have a profound effect on the health of a person, with:

  Improving circulation
✓  Muscle and soft tissue repair
  Lymphatic drainage
  The elimination of waste products
  Post‐surgery recovery
  Stress release
  Fatigue, depression and more…

Remedial Massage Embrace Life North Lakes

At Embrace Life, you can choose between remedial and relaxation massage – or perhaps a combination? Whatever you feel you need:

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Thai Reflexology
  • Cupping
  • Lomi Lomi

Depending on your needs, the massage can be of medium pressure to very deep pressure. Your massage therapist will be guided by you. The physical feel of the massage will be warming and relaxing, sometimes there may be some ‘feel good pain’, but should never be intolerable pain.

Who can have it?

Anyone can have a massage, from a very young baby to an elderly client and even throughout pregnancy ‐ as long as the therapist is experienced and is mindful of the client’s situation and adjusts the pressure and length of the massage accordingly.

Please Note: For the comfort of all clients, babies & children are not permitted in our Massage rooms, whilst a parent is having a massage.

Massage Embrace Life North Lakes

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