13 Jun

Knee pain in your child: know how to help

Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome is in essence, a sports-related overuse knee injury in adolescents that causes knee pain. It can be extremely painful and debilitating, often causing them to stop playing sport, and can even affect their everyday life activities such as walking to school, climbing stairs and even sitting down from standing. No active child wants […]

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15 May

Autumn Beauty Tips

Autumn Beauty Tips Autumn is here, and that means changes for our skin, as the temperature drops and there is less humidity in the air. During autumn and winter your skin retains less moisture because of the cooler, dry air as well as the use of heaters indoors. This can lead to our skin feeling […]

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12 May

Winter Wellness, by Jess Cheney Nutritionist

Winter Wellness I love the season changes – the way nature adopts to its new surroundings is really so fascinating! Us humans being a part of that nature will start to notice as the weather cools down the body wants to heat up and naturally we start to crave long sleeved skivvy’s, enclosed shoes and […]

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30 Mar

Arranging your workspace to minimise injury and protect your health

More than likely, you’ve already heard that too much sitting isn’t good for your health and the importance of maintaining a good sitting posture while working in the office.  If so, do you know how to set up a computer workstation to reduce the chance of repetitive type strain injuries? By setting up your office […]

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20 Mar

All about Salt!

It is salt awareness week!  Salt is a topic I often discuss in clinic, as there are many different salts on the market, and conflicting ideas around safe consumption levels. Firstly, it is important to remember there is a world of difference between table salt (the regular salt found on supermarket shelves, and added to […]

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21 Feb

Do I need a new pillow?

How to choose the right Pillow? I’m regularly asked what pillow is best used for sleeping, and I often find it hard to answer. In my many years of practice, and in my own experience with using many different types of pillows, I really don’t think there is a perfect brand or type of pillow for […]

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5 Feb

Happy 8th Birthday Child Health Clinic!

Today marks the 8th birthday of our very popular child health clinic. Over the years we have seen many new parents that have gone on to be regular visitors with their subsequent offspring and become part of the Embrace Life family. We are often asked why did we start the clinic and we provide a […]

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1 Jan

Now is the time to think about a detox…

New year is often the time that we start to think about having a cleanse – whether we have over-indulged with foods, alcohol or even late nights, we are motivated to detox if our overall health (or waistline) is suffering. Does detoxing have to be painful?  It doesn’t need to be – nor does it […]

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28 Dec

Back to School – How to wear your backpack correctly

The start of a new year means long, hot days as well as back to school and work for many children and adults. More and more of us are carrying heavier backpacks or wearing our backpacks incorrectly which places undue stress and strain onto the spine. Many people do not use both shoulder straps and […]

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23 Dec

How to make New Year resolutions stick??

Come the New Year many of us make resolutions we try and maintain, however only 8% of Australia’s population maintain these throughout the year.   In the first few months these are often forgotten and fail due to a range of reasons such as goals being unrealistic, too many goals are made or progress is not […]

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