Physiotherapy For Kids

Physiotherapy for Children & Babies

Kids Physiotherapy

At Embrace Life, our experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist* Dr Amy Leung (PhD MPhty PDPhty APAM) can assist your child with musculoskeletal issues, sporting injuries and recovery.  We are proud to have the services of Dr Amy Leung who has more than 30 years experience.

An appointment with Dr Amy (PhD MPhty PDPhty APAM) is more play based for children and incorporates home based exercises, stretch and strengthening exercises, as well as handling and positioning advice.   Where appropriate, our Practitioners will refer to other health professionals that may be beneficial for your child, such as Speech Pathologists, Paediatricians, Occupational Therapists etc.

When should your child see a Physio?

 Your child has an unusual walk or foot posture

✓ Your child is bottom shuffling and you would like some further advice

✓ Your baby isn’t tolerating ‘tummy time’ at any ageBaby Physiotherapy

✓  Your baby has a flat spot on their head or their head has an uneven shape

✓  You are concerned that your baby is favouring turning their head to one side

✓  Stiff/floppy babies and toddlers

 Clumsiness with running, jumping or ball skills

✓  Excessive falling or tripping over, poor balance and co-ordination

 Aches or pains with activity or rest

 To help with recovery after injury or surgery

 Concerns regarding your child’s posture

 To help with sports performance & recovery

BUPA health fund members with the appropriate Hospital & Extras cover, may be eligible for GAP FREE Kids Physio, with our Physio Nicole Hitchman^.

^Please note: Appointments booked with Dr Amy Leung (PhD MPhty PDPhty APAM), do not qualify for BUPA GAP FREE Kids Physio.  Dr Amy Leung  has a different fee schedule, which reflects Amy’s 30+ years of experience and knowledge as a Paediatric Physiotherapist (Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Paediatric Physiotherapist).  If you have BUPA health insurance, you can still claim for Amy’s Physio services with BUPA, however there will be a gap to pay.  Embrace Life also accepts other health insurance funds via HICAPS.

*Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Paediatric Physiotherapist