Understandably, some assume that acupuncture needles hurt. Not true! When these slight needles are administered by a qualified acupuncturist the patient may feel a slight prick or even nothing. Sometimes a small electrical sensation is felt when the needle contacts the ‘qi’ or energy of the body.


Some of the many benefits may include:

✓  Back, neck shoulder pain
✓  Muscular tightness
✓  Sciatica
✓  Sports injuries
✓  Pain, numbness/tingling
✓  Digestion, urination
✓  Weight management
✓  PMS, heavy bleeding
✓  Menopause
✓  Fertility
✓  Post‐stroke
✓  Anxiety, depression, stress
✓  Relieve symptoms of allergies

Note: ‘Dry needling’ is used more by other modalities with minimal needle training to relieve muscle tightness only. It does not treat underlying issues and is not acupuncture.

Fertility and Pregnancy

Having acupuncture during pregnancy is a safe and reliable way to treat a wide range of common ailments.

Benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy may include

✓  Effective treatment for morning sickness (may need to be repeated frequently in more severe cases)
✓  Relieve back pain
✓  Relieve sinus discomfort and hayfever – drug free!

If you have had acupuncture to help with conception, once you achieve pregnancy, the patient and practitioner must decide whether treatment should be continued. Where there is a history of infertility or miscarriage it is often recommended to take herbs for the first few weeks to help the pre-embryo establish.

Acupuncture has also been known to be quite effective to achieve optimal foetal positioning and to naturally induce labour.

Come in and meet our experienced acupuncturist  – Hui is happy to discuss the types of treatment that will have you feeling great during your pregnancy.