Posture, Ergonomics & Working From Home

More and more people are now working from home in recent weeks. Since this does not seem likely to change anytime soon it is imperative to have a good work space and set up for the home office.

A good ergonomic set up includes:

-chair with adjustable height and backrest to support the lumbar spine

-being able to place feet flat on floor to avoid strain on hips and lower back

-elbows bent at about 90º to ensure correct arm and neck posture

-wrists as neutral as possible to avoid strain when using the keyboard or mouse

-ensure you are facing the screen directly or angled towards each other at about 45º if using two screens to avoid turning the head and neck to one side for long periods of time

Being able to have a lie in or have time to do some exercise in the mornings has been a great benefit for many people now working from home.  Avoiding the stress and traffic of the commute into the office means more hours in the day, however one drawback of this situation can be finding a work-life balance.  It is much easier due to modern technology to check emails from your phone or just hop onto the computer after dinner to finish up a work project.

Having a regular routine and trying to work the same (or similar) hours that you normally do in the office can be very helpful. Waking up at the same time each day, doing some exercise, getting dressed and ready and having a regular bedtime and avoiding staying up too late can all be helpful.  If you normally walk from public transport to the office or during your lunch break, make sure to try and keep up this activity and try and get active throughout the day.  Making sure you physically move away from your office space during lunch and avoid eating at the desk.  Many fitness/ yoga studios and more are now offering online classes (Embrace Life is offering Yoga classes online) so there are no excuses to stop moving and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Taking regular breaks to stand and move, ideally every 30-40 minutes helps to prevent any lower back or neck tension and headaches. Standing and walking when taking phone calls can be an easy way to get a bit more movement into an otherwise sedentary workday.If there are any specific stretches or exercises that have been recommended by your chiropractor or physiotherapist, make sure to keep doing these to help manage any acute or chronic conditions or injuries.

Washing your hands regularly, eating good nutritious food, getting movement/ exercise into your day and having good sleep habits are all helpful habits to start making and continue doing.

Embrace Life is still open offering Chiropractic, Physiotherapy & Acupuncture appointments and we are offering Yoga Classes, Naturopathy & Exercise Physiology consults online via Zoom.  Please call our team on 3491 6533 if you would like to make an appointment or book online.