Five reasons to join a Playgroup

The idea of joining a playgroup is something that all new mothers will consider at some stage. Some will have groups suggested to them by their health care providers based on their location, while others may actively seek out groups that align with their values or techniques.

Regardless of your parenting style, connecting with others through a playgroup can be invaluable in those early weeks and months, and even years, for both the mother and her children.

If you’ve never been to a mother’s group, or you’re looking for a new group of mothers to connect with, here’s five reasons to join the Happy Healthy Playgroup:

  1. Get out of the house! As a new mother, the mere thought of showering, putting clothes on and leaving the house with your baby and ALL their ‘things’ can be exhausting. But once you are out the door, you feel a sense of achievement. This seemingly simple task can completely change your mindset. Having a regular appointment with your mother’s group can help ensure you leave your house at least once or twice a week.


  1. Meet like-minded mothers. There is comfort in camaraderie. Sharing stories of your birth experiences, sleepless nights and feeding challenges – and the smiles, giggles and milestones – with other mothers who are going through the same thing, or are out the other side and live to tell about it, can be reassuring. We aren’t along in this!


  1. Receive expert advice – for free! The Happy Healthy Playgroup is run by lactation consultant, child health nurse and Embrace Life Director Sharon Armstrong, in conjunction with Sesame Lane Child Care. Sharon attends the playgroups along with a roster of experts in nutrition, first aid, yoga, chiropractic, speech therapy and dental hygiene. Mums can find out the latest and best advice for their children and ask questions in a comfortable – and free – environment.


  1. Socialise your children in a supportive environment. Whether you have a new born, a toddler or an older child, providing them with the opportunity to engage and interact with other children of varying ages in fun and safe environment provides countless benefits, including language development and social skills.


  1. Explore a day care centre. Many first-time mothers haven’t seen the inside of a day care centre. For those who may be looking at returning to work or other activities in the coming months or years and are considering a long day care service, it can be helpful and reassuring to get an insight into the facilities that a centre provides and encourage their children to become familiar with the environment.


The Happy Healthy Playgroups are help at Sesame Lane Day Care centres in North Lakes on Mondays at 10:00 and at Kippa Ring on Tuesdays at 9:30am. Find out more and join the Happy Healthy Playgroup Facebook group.