Top 5 ways to get the most out of your Health Fund

It’s the New Year and most Private Health Fund benefits^ have been reset. So, how can you get the most out of your Health Fund benefits? Most of us with Hospital and Extras cover how much we pay for our private health insurance, so let’s help you, get the most out of it!

  1. Shop around.

Not all health funds are created equal. They all have different policies, pay different benefit amounts and some funds don’t cover certain services. So be aware of the services you are most likely to use and then find a fund that covers those services, looking for the one that pays the highest benefit, with a reasonable premium.

  1. Take advantage.

Some health funds have a preferred network of providers, ie. Chiropractors, Physio’s, Dentists. If you use these providers, you generally will claim higher benefits. That means your out of pocket expenses* will be less. Also, be on the lookout for member exclusive discounts offered for variety of activities, products and services.

  1. Gap Free Services.

Certain health funds offer GAP FREE benefits, with particular levels of health cover. Some of these Gap Free services may include Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Optical and Dental. (Most of the gap free offers are for children on certain family Hospital & Extras policies up to the age of 25).

  1. Remember to Claim.

For most of our Practitioners, you can claim on the spot via HICAPS. Sometimes however, some services are not claimable via HICAPS and you may have to claim online or at your Health Fund’s shopfront.

  1. USE IT!

There is no point having extras cover and not using it. If you participate in sport, work out at the gym, have a desk job or you suffer from stress, keep your body and health at its best by utilising your extas cover.

Embrace Life have a wide range of services that are health fund claimable such as:


Common Health Insurance Terms:

^ Benefit: The dollar amount paid to you by your health fund for hospital or extras

* Out of pocket expenses: Also referred to as ‘the gap’ which is the shortfall between your medical bill and the benefit paid by your private health insurance fund.

For more private health fund term definitions, check out the following link