Tag: stress

15 Jun

How to get a better night’s sleep

Meditation For thousands of years meditation has been used to reduce stress, improvesleep, enhance productivity, creativity and research shows that as little as eight weeks of regular meditation can create structural changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, stress and empathy. As little as a few minutes a day can reduce stress, […]

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11 Jun

Healthy Habits for Healthy Bowels

Our bowels play an integral part of our overall health, digestion is the only way we are able to access the nutrients we need to function. Our bowel specifically is where the waste products of our food and metabolism end up and are excreted, it is also the home to trillions of micro bacteria that […]

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22 Dec

Is your body telling you to exercise?

Your body is an amazing thing. It constantly regulates the 1000’s of processes going on at any one time and tells you reliably when something is out of balance. Unfortunately though, our modern lifestyles demand that we attend to all the business of our work, home or social lives while ignoring the signals that our […]

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