Tag: Pregnancy

21 Jan

Pregnancy Massage

Many massage therapists are taught to delay massage in the 1st trimester. Usually the rationale is that it avoids the possible association of any pregnancy loss, more common in the 1st trimester, with massage procedures. The safety of prenatal massage is relative to the therapist’s applied knowledge. However, there is no substantive evidence to support […]

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5 Apr

How will my nutritional needs change during my pregnancy?

If there is one time in life where nutrition becomes of utmost importance it is in pregnancy. Pregnancy is the building of a whole other human being and placenta plus maintenance of mum’s well-being and because nutrients are the key fuel source to keep the body functioning food plays a major role in both preventing […]

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22 Mar

Best 3 exercises for expectant Mum’s

Keeping active while you are pregnant is not only recommended but widely encouraged for those who are not experiencing any medical complications. During pregnancy your body will go through many changes and regular exercise is considered an excellent way to remain healthy and happy throughout. When performed correctly, exercise during pregnancy can bring many benefits […]

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