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12 Feb

8 Minutes & 5 Stretches for your lower back

Do you or someone you know suffer from back pain? Well you’re not alone. In a National Health Survey released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2014-15, 3.7 million Australians (16% of the total population) suffer from back problems. What’s also alarming is that it has been reported that a staggering 80% of the […]

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15 Nov

How Physio can help with your lower back pain

Lower Back Pain (LBP)is a common condition seen and treated by physiotherapists at Embrace life. With 80% of the population suffering from this at some point in their life, there are various causes: mechanical (soft tissue), discogenic (such as herniated disc), degenerative (like spinal stenosis), or neurogenic. At Embrace Life physiotherapists with years of experience […]

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