Luke Paten – Acupuncturist


Bachelor of Health Science Acupuncture

Areas of interest:

Holistic health care, stress management, Post natal rehab, Mental and Emotional Health, Musculoskeletal Injury and Wellness


I love health. I believe Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are an excellent form of health care and is particularly relevant in this modern world. Chinese Medicine is fundamentally a Holistic Health Practice. Meaning, treatments can yield specific and indirect positive outcomes. Also, that links between physical signs and symptoms and emotional signs and symptoms can be explored and explained in Chinese Medical theory.

It is my privilege to practice Chinese Medicine and I have been very lucky to learn other aspects of health also. I have had the opportunity to learn Massage, Martial Arts and Stretching based health exercises.

It is my dream to work with people as a Chinese Medicine practitioner and help them achieve their health goals. Whether that be support overcoming significant health challenges, getting more energy to get out of bed in the morning, improving your dandruff or just wanting to feel happier.