Now is the time to think about a detox…

New year is often the time that we start to think about having a cleanse – whether we have over-indulged with foods, alcohol or even late nights, we are motivated to detox if our overall health (or waistline) is suffering.

Does detoxing have to be painful? It doesn’t need to be – nor does it need to be complicated. Of course we can take products to support our cleanse, but if that feels a bit too hard right now, just starting with diet and lifestyle can have you feeling lighter and brighter in no time.


You may have got into the habit of grazing during the festive period, and eating more than you normally would. It’s important to become mindful of the types of food you are eating, and strip it back to the basics –

Carbohydrates – from veggies/salads, fruits and whole food sources (oats, rice, rye, spelt, quinoa, buckwheat etc)

Proteins – from eggs, poultry and fish, raw nuts & seeds, lentils, beans & protein powders

Fats – from avocado, coconut products, olives, olive oil, ghee, cold pressed nuts oils, raw nuts & seeds

Make sure each meal has a combination of the 3 food groups, and be mindful of portions. You should feel satisfied but not full. Snacks should be taken if truly needed, but not if you don’t.


Dropping the caffeine for a while will hurt for a day or two, but you will soon feel much better – try green tea if you really need a lift, or replace with herbal teas you enjoy (hot or cold) plus glasses of water throughout the day. Adding lemon, lime, orange slices, or fresh herbs or berries can add more interest and flavours.


Create lots of colour on your plate, to ensure a wide range of nutrients and minerals, as well as antioxidant compounds that improve detox capacity.


If you don’t mind taking green powders, this can be a great addition to your diet – mix with water or coconut water and some fresh fruit alongside a meal to gain the benefits of chlorophyll and its cleansing properties. Green leafy veg such baby spinach is also a great way to get more greens.


Go at a pace that is comfortable for you, but even a 20 minute walk will improve circulation, lymphatic (immune and detox) flow, release endorphins and increase your metabolic rate.


Set yourself up for success – do what is manageable and sustainable in the long term. You don’t necessarily feel better faster for doing lots of intensive liver cleansing and heavy exercise if your body isn’t ready for it. Aiming to get good sleeps, moderate exercise and a wholesome discipline with your diet is the best thing you can do for your overall wellbeing.

If you do feel the need to do something more comprehensive, you can book an appointment with our Naturopath/Nutritionist to discuss your personalised detox needs. Call Embrace Life on 3491 6533 to book your appointment and start 2017 with a new health mindset.