Improved healing for chronic conditions and pain with Physiokey & Scenar

Are you experiencing ongoing pain and dysfunction from a long term issue and have tried several therapies but nothing has really helped? Maybe SCENAR or PHYSIOKEY therapy can help you. This type of therapy involves the use of a handheld electrical device to stimulate the body’s own healing responses into action. Here at Embrace Life we are proud to announce we offer both.

How do Physiokey & Scenar devices work?

The basic way that the device works is to generate a comfortable electrical stimulus to the skin that constantly varies in pattern while also measuring the electrical resistance of the skin. Through constant adaptation of the stimulus in response to the changing resistance reading from the skin, the device conducts a ‘conversation’ with the neurological system of the body and modifies the output until equilibrium is reached (homeostasis). As a result, the body releases a range of Neuropeptides (the key biochemicals your body utilises in the healing process) and generates a host of responses which can involve the skin, blood and muscles as well as the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

In some cases of long term pain and injury, a situation can occur where the brain becomes ‘used to’ a regular problematic neurological input being received from an injured body part and is then interpreted as ‘normal’. This is a reason why many conditions can become chronic and non-responsive to standard treatment. The SCENAR and PHYSIOKEY devices break the body out of this habit and work to restore correct communication resulting in effective and more complete healing.

Because of its unique, computer controlled biofeedback capabilities and ability to stimulate Neuropeptide generation, the SCENAR and PHYSIOKEY can achieve excellent healing results.

How is Physiokey & Scenar different to TENS?

These devices are very different from other electrotherapy instruments such as TENS or Electroacupuncture. Tens units are mainly used to provide pain relief. Electroacupuncture instruments have a broader range of application, but they lack any bio-feedback capability (ie, they only send out an output, but do not measure any input back from the body). Only the SCENAR combines energy measuring functions along with real-time feedback and constant adjustment to deliver just the correct type and amount of energy to the body.

If you are interested in how this type of therapy can help you, please contact us for more information. Or better still, book in for a 30 minute consultation to experience a treatment for yourself! Call Embrace Life on 3491 6533 to book your appointment.