10 Ways to Detox this Spring

Our bodies are continually filtering toxins out of our body via the liver, kidneys, lung and skin.

The liver filters and eliminates harmful toxins, the kidneys filter and excrete waste by creating urine, the skin eliminates toxins via sweat and the lungs filter the air we breathe.

So how can we support this natural process?

  1. Keep hydrated. Ensure you are drinking at least 1.5L to 3L of water every day.
  2. Eat more plant based food
  3. Reduce caffeine
  4. Reduce alcohol (Over consumption of alcohol can lead to liver disease)
  5. Reduce animal protein (Over consumption of meat can lead to kidney dysfunction)
  6. Reduce excessive intake of carbohydrates particularly simple sugars
  7. Reduce intake of excessive unhealthy fats like fried food
  8. Increase fish oil
  9. Repair the GIT: The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is responsible for digesting and absorbing nutrients. If the GIT is inflamed it is less likely to break down food appropriately and absorb vital nutrients required for supporting the detoxification process
  10. Probiotics: Promote normal healthy flora

It is important that your body is still receiving adequate nutrients when detoxing. Some people can lose weight detoxing simply from restricting the amount of calories they consume however people can also lose weight detoxing because the body is deprived of essential nutrients.

To ensure that your body is supported nutritionally when choosing to detox, book an appointment with our Naturopath Kim Sheppard.

Kim is hosting a free Detox Workshop September 3rd. If you would like some more useful tips on how to detox holistically be sure to secure your place at Kim’s inspiring and informative workshop.



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