The Vunerable Emperor

In Chinese Medicine the Heart is the Emperor of the Organ system. It is said to be guarded by the other organs and always without pathogenic influence.

All other Organs have both a functional and dysfunctional expression of emotional Qi as shown in the table below:

Liver – Assertion / Anger

Spleen – Focussed Intent / Muddled Thinking

Kidneys – Confidence / Fear

Lungs – Inspiration / Sadness & Grief

Heart – Joy / What ???

The Heart does not. What then is the underside of the Heart?

When working to improve your health you will find yourself experiencing both the functional and dysfunctional aspects of Organ emotions. This is often on the path to clearing out toxicity and improving the functional quality of your Organ System. Stagnant toxic emotions can be observed, allowed to flow and eventually understood, becoming once again functional expressions of health.

The signposts for improving emotional heart health are an increase of clarity, joy, connectedness and love. However, to feel these emotions a heart needs to be vulnerable. Healthy hearts are joyful and have clarity. Vulnerability allows them to be so. In this way, vulnerability while not dysfunctional, is the underside of the heart and as your physiology suggest, worthy of great protection.

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