Tag: Paediatric Physiotherapy

13 Jun

Knee pain in your child: know how to help

Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome is in essence, a sports-related overuse knee injury in adolescents that causes knee pain. It can be extremely painful and debilitating, often causing them to stop playing sport, and can even affect their everyday life activities such as walking to school, climbing stairs and even sitting down from standing. No active child wants […]

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5 Oct

Developmental Co-Ordination Disorder (DCD)

What is Developmental Co-Ordination Disorder? DCD, also known as dyspraxia, is a motor disorder affecting the ability to achieve both gross and fine motor skills in children that is not attributable to other motor disorders e.g. Cerebral Palsy, stroke etc… This affects 5 to 6 % of school aged children more commonly occurring in boys […]

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