How Physio can help with your lower back pain

Lower Back Pain (LBP)is a common condition seen and treated by physiotherapists at Embrace life. With 80% of the population suffering from this at some point in their life, there are various causes: mechanical (soft tissue), discogenic (such as herniated disc), degenerative (like spinal stenosis), or neurogenic.

Physiotherapy at Embrace Life can help lower back pain
Physio at Embrace Life can assist you to get moving again. With Physio’s experienced in Paediatric, Women’s Health, Musculo-skeletal and Sport’s, we have your Physio needs covered.

At Embrace Life physiotherapists with years of experience and training, treat lower back painconditions. Byproviding an independent assessment, treatment plan, and setting goals together with you. Your physio will recommendlong term solutions to help you maintain health, exercise, activity and independence.

Some general advice regarding Lower Back Pain:

  • keep active and mobile
  • maintain good posture
  • increase core stability with strong core muscles.

Physiotherapists at Embrace Life can assess you forthe cause of your pain and with appropriate hands on treatment, exercise and individual adviceto suit your needs, you should experience a better quality of life.

Embrace Life is a BUPA Member’s First centre for Physiotherapy*. If you or someone you know is experiencing Lower Back Pain, call Embrace Life today to book an appointment – call 3491 6533.

*Physiotherapy for Women’s Health services are not included