Chiropractic for Greater Body Awareness, By Luke Broughton


Body awareness is the ability to sense and respond to your environment appropriately. It is about knowing what your body requires (e.g. food and exercise), knowing where your body is in space (proprioception) and knowing how to best adapt to stresses. Lack of body awareness isn’t specifically a condition you would find in a medical text book, however anyone can understand that with greater body awareness you are more likely to function better and be healthier overall.

Chiropractic care increases overall body awareness by removing interferences to the nervous system allowing for greater clarity, organisation and co-ordination of the bodies systems. By engaging with specific spinal segments and other particular areas of the body, the chiropractic adjustment can facilitate this awareness with relative ease and accuracy.

When I first found out about chiropractic I didn’t have any back pain, headaches or musculoskeletal issues that I was aware of. But after visiting a chiropractor on a friends recommendation, I discovered first hand that one possibility through chiropractic care was actually improving on what I already had. After my first phase of care I noticed that I was more balanced, more connected to my body and more aware of where my body was in space. At the time I was participating in a range of sports and playing musical instruments. I noticed that my hand eye co-ordination had improved and that I could perform things with more ease, less rigidity and less stress in my body. As an added bonus I also noticed that if I got a sore throat or headaches they would be much less severe and they wouldn’t last as long. After adjustments I also felt much clearer in the head and like my body was using a lot less energy to stand up and move around. The other amazing thing was that I started noticing the things in my life that I needed to change to make my body feel better.