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11 Apr

Alleviating anxious family traits

Have you noticed how anxiety and stress can feed off anxiety? When your child is anxious you also feel anxious and vice versa? In the busy lifestyles we lead we have forgotten to take care of ourselves and our children are learning from our unintentional behaviours. Two national Australian studies showed that 7% of 4 […]

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24 Aug

Don’t Forget to Stretch

When it comes to exercising, people seem to be all about cardiovascular and resistance training but forget about lengthening and stretching muscles. And I’m not just talking about doing a few quad stretches after a run; I mean a whole workout dedicated to stretching and ultimately strengthening muscles and improving posture. Yoga and pilates are […]

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10 Jul

Prenatal & Mum N Bub Yoga, by new Mama & Instructor Marilyn

  Having practiced yoga for over 6 years and delving into many different styles, I was excited when I fell pregnant last year to begin a whole new practice of prenatal yoga. I discovered by practicing prenatal yoga that I was able to connect with the power within and loved the feeling of sharing my […]

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