What can reflexology help with?

Disorders and disease are often brought on by external influences, like stress and anxiety

From this, people may experience all kinds of symptoms, including:

 cardiovascular problems
 circulation issues


Reflexology may help relieve ailments brought on by stress 

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle therapy working with the hands and feet to promote the natural body functions. It works by focusing on reflex points that are connected to every part of the body – and is believed to be one of the best methods for bringing health and harmony to the whole person.

How does it feel?

Reflexology uses a series of gentle yet firm pressure that moves over the feet and/or hands.

The feet and hands are treated to a very relaxing experience, meanwhile the body and mind is having a full workout, helping to heal and renew energy.

Reflexology at Embrace Life

Who can have it?

Anyone can have reflexology, even the ticklish. From the very young to the elderly, reflexology will be adjusted to suit the client and aims to bring about total wellness.