Overwhelm Syndrome

Overwhelm syndrome is becoming increasingly common in both adults and children.  Overwhelm produces a stress response in the body which can:

🏵increase anxiety, frustration and anger

🏵increase inflammation, pain and tension

🏵increase fatigue and exhaustion

🏵disrupt healthy sleeping patterns

🏵reduce gut function and integrity

🏵negatively impact diet and nutrition

🏵imbalance hormones

🏵exacerbate existing conditions

🏵negatively impact relationships

🏵and more!

Thankfully natural medicine has an abundance of natural resources available to nourish and restore the bodies natural healing process!

Rather than suppressing the bodies natural response by masking the symptoms with a drug, natural medicine will support the body to feel better by providing the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to restore the bodies natural ability to heal.

Whilst your body is being nourished by the naturopathic and nutritional treatment plan I can support you to create realistic lifestyle adjustments to unlearn overwhelm and busyness and restore peace and health in your life again.

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Source: Overwhelm syndrome: A modern phenomenon requiring a holistic approach. Biopractica Professional Podcast series.