Holistic Harmony with Naomi – What do I do?

Feeling overwhelmed/anxious/depressed or stressed – want to change things in your life but not sure how?  Need someone to talk to you? I would like to introduce myself as resident counsellor and life coach at Embrace Life, explain what I do and how I do it.

Firstly about me and my experience – I am a Social Work practitioner and have been practicing for the past 12 years in the UK and Brisbane. Social Work aligns with my values – helping people in all areas of their lives, not just focusing on their physical health or mental health but considering living domains such as: skills, education, relationships, social connectedness, safety, housing, finances, childhood and how these are all interconnected, having an affect on how people interact and experience the world.  I work from a person-centred approach which means  I consider a person as a unique being – walk alongside the person and support them to make the changes they want to see in their lives in a way that works for them.  I have worked across various disciplines including mental health, homelessness, family carers, alcohol & drugs and hoarding & squalor. I am experienced at delivering Life Skill groups in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy which builds peoples skills in distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.  I am also skilled in Trauma Informed Care and mindfulness techniques.

Through my Social Work practice and personal life experience of family, parenting, divorce, death, grief, joy and happiness I have learnt how to understand my strengths and potential.  This inspires me to want to support people in a different way – through adapting techniques of life, Social Work, Life Coaching and Holistic Counselling – I weave my knowledge and experience to work alongside a person – finding the source of pain or trauma to start being able to learn coping skills and move forward to find deeper joy in life – to find what makes you happy.  I work to support stress, anxiety, depression, post-natal depression, trauma, grief & loss, addiction and other mental health conditions.

I am not working to a diagnosed medical / psychological disorder and although this can help me to understand some behaviours or developed thought patterns – I do work individually to explore what is going on for you, listen, develop your own set of coping skills to distress and manage relationships; I can support you to develop goals and make steps to reach those goals; I will help you to acknowledge your own strengths – to build your resilience and find a path that is true to you.

An initial appointment goes for 1.5hrs and I ask that you arrive 15mins earlier to complete some paperwork that gives me an overview of what’s going on for you now.  We will then go through this, unpack this some more and find out what you are hoping to get from counselling & coaching.  I will then explain how we can work together, working at your pace.  Why not book an appointment and see how I can support you to live the best version of your life!!

To book your appointment with Naomi, please call 3491 6533.  Naomi is available for appointments on Saturday’s.