Have you ever heard a chiropractor tell you to walk? By Amy Warner

As Chiropractors we want to ensure that peoples spines and nervous systems are functioning at their absolute best and one of the top things you can do aside from being adjusted is to WALK! Here’s some of the reasons why.  

Walking is one of the best movements for our bodies, it’s an upright posture, we are having to support our own weight and generate movement, all without creating too much stress on our joints.  

We spend so much time in one position all day, mostly seated and for many this has gotten worse over the last 18 months. Sitting in the car, sitting at a desk and then sitting down on the couch. Our bodies just are not designed for so much of the same posture and that’s before we even consider if that posture is good or bad! 

Walking is a great simple way to help combat the effects that our lifestyles are having on our bodies but the impacts are far broader than just spinal health. The heart foundation states that walking for an average of 30 minutes or more a day can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke by 35% percent and Type 2 diabetes by 40%.  

Walking is also a great place to start when wanting to get back into an exercise routine as it helps build strength without overly stressing the joints which can lead to injury.  

Add in walking outside means you’re getting fresh air and sunlight both of which are great for mental wellbeing, vitamin D and our circadian rhythm. A morning walk is a great way to start the day moving the body around, endorphins from the exercise natural light to help promote greater circadian cycles and thus better sleep, with all the added benefits that a good sleep provides. As well as improved immune health attributed to the better sleep, exercise, fresh air, cardiac heath all lumped in together! 

Better yet, if you are seeing a chiropractor and getting adjusted it is really important to go for a walk after your adjustments to ensure that your body has incorporated the changes that the adjustment just made. By walking straight after your adjustment, you are integrating that information and therefore able to hold onto it for longer than if you were to jump straight into the car and are once again sitting down. 

Right now, is a great time to start walking in Brisbane, we are headed for sunshine and warmer temperatures without the full heat of summer. So, head outside, move your body and enjoy the benefits of walking!  


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