Going with the Massage flow

Recently I had a client who requested a two hour massage.   So what, you might think, take a one hour session and double it.  However, it isn’t as simple as that.

While I do not have a set routine and every massage is different, one hour is fairly straight forward.  I listen to my client’s ailments, listen to my instincts, add experience and know-how and the hour is gone in no time.  What can I do in two hours with a client that has no specific ailments?   In my mind, I mapped out every single body part down to every distant phalange and planned how I would spend the next two hours.

But, that was my brain talking, not my intuition.   Once I started, I allowed myself to get lost in what I knew best, massage by intuition, listen to the body, feel the muscles and go with the flow.

During a one hour massage, I check the clock from time to time to see how I am progressing.  With this two hour massage I just started and soon got lost in the massage.  The first time I checked the clock was after 1 ½ hours. Memories from my training as a remedial massage therapist came back.  I found I worked in much more detail than in an hour session and started to really enjoy this experience.   I heard the client say that her tummy had never been massaged and how good it felt.  Abdominal massages have been performed as far back as the ancient Mayans but maybe we just don’t have enough time for everything.  I finished off with reflexology by which time the client was fast asleep.  Mission accomplished:  one happy relaxed client as well as one satisfied therapist.

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