Myofascial Release

Myo means muscle and fascia means connective tissues so myofascial is an endless web of connection within your body, from head to toe and front to back. This tangled web gives you structure, conducts nerve signals and protects you by contracting in the response to threat (physical or emotional).

Offering a unique approach with a combination of remedial techniques involving trigger point therapy, pressure point therapy and Swedish massage combined with the deepest of tissue work, myofascial release. Over time the patterns of dysfunction within the fascia unwind, offering great long term relief.

Melinda has over 20 years experience in this area and provides effective treatments customised to your current needs every time.

1. Why does it need release?

When the body is exposed to potential threats (e.g. car accident or dentist procedures) the central nervous system mounts a response called “fight or flight”.  This response is primitive and completely out of our control and keeps us alive when carried out successfully.  The problem occurs when you are unable to fight or run away such as an oncoming car accident so the fascia “freezes”…. This freezing can establish a holding pattern of tension and pain for many many years.  This is like laying a towel down on the floor and scrunching up one end of it, the ripples flow through the entire towel and it’s much the same in your facial system.  This can lead to chronic pain, congestion and debilitating diseases for many years…..

2. What can I expect in a typical 60 minute treatment?

Melinda uses a combination of remedial massage techniques and Myo fascia work.  Remedial massage can involve trigger point therapy, stretches and warming techniques.  Myo fascia involves the deepest of release work; Melinda may have her hands under your back for 5-10 minutes without movement for example.  This is to encourage the connective tissue to begin to release.  All you need to do is relax and enjoy.  A great relief is felt after an hour treatment and you will leave feeling more content within your body.

3. What happens when it releases?

You may hear increased digestive sounds; you may have some muscle twitching and involuntary movements. All these responses are very favourable and indicate the beginning of releases.   You may also feel nothing at the time but in the days after the treatment feel a great deal better.  It is important after your treatment to drink a lot (2 litres)  of water,  the facia work in particular releases sometimes very old and deep toxins which can at worst make you feel “hung over” and/or cold like symptoms for a few days. High consumption of clean water after your treatment will help your body flush out these elements and you should feel nothing but good!

4. What should I do after a treatment?

It is imperative to flush the tissues with clean filtered water post treatment.  Rest, if you feel like going to bed then do so.  You may alternatively feel energised but be careful not to overdo it.  A gentle walk is ideal!  Take care of yourself, a light meal, plenty of fluids, stay warm and support the healing of your body.  Any unlikely detox reactions that you may feel such as headaches, pain, runny nose, anger, sadness and so on should pass within 2 days post treatment.

5.  How often would I require treatment?

It’s recommended and most productive to have the first couple of treatments close together.  As the body starts to soften and unwinding the healing speed can increase in this softening stage.  It’s important to remember that everyone responds differently and some clients require many treatments over time and others only a handful followed by a maintenance session every six months or so.   Once you feel you have achieved your goals form the treatment you can taper out your treatment frequency.  Melinda’s ultimate goal is to assist and heal the body which means to me you will eventually not require regular treatment at all.

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Meet our Remedial Massage/Myofascial Release TherapistMelinda Roe