Helpful Courses

We have a few fun and helpful courses for mums- and dads-to-be.


Pilates Classes for Mum’s


Connect mind, body and spirit and experience Yoga at Embrace Life. We have a variety of Yoga classes at Embrace Life from Yoga to strengthen your core to Pregnancy Yoga.

Pregnancy Yoga

A wonderful way to stay fit and flexible throughout your pregnancy and connect with your unborn baby. Prenatal yoga is recommended by many health professionals to support a woman physical and emotionally throughout her pregnancy. There is no specific time to commence a prenatal yoga practice however changes experienced throughout the first trimester and even into early second trimester may prevent some women from participating in a physical practice.

If you are unsure if commencing a yoga practice is suitable for you please feel free to connect with us and ask the question. Even if a physical yoga practice is not possible right now, meditation or pranayama (breathing) may be suitable. In some cases it may be exactly what is needed to promote a sense of wellbeing in the early stages of pregnancy.

When: Commencing at 6pm, Thursday 15th June – 20th July

Investment:  $100 for a 6 week block (no make up classes)
How to book: Email Deb at

Yoga Core Fusion

This class is for men and women who wish to develop strength of mind and body.

When performed with mindful intention and breath awareness yoga calms your mind, increases your flexibility and can improve your health. In the yoga core class we focus on yoga asana and movement that assist with strengthening and stabilising the muscles groups involved in helping with good posture.

The emphasis is on finding your centre of gravity using pranayama (breathing) technique and holding the asana (postures). With flowing vinyasa sequencing this class moves slowly through each asana allowing you to explore the strength of your core safely at a level you are comfortable.

When: Tuesday evenings 6pm – re-commencing from February 2nd 2016
How to book: Places are limited so book now by calling Deborah Howcroft-Miles
M: 0438 264 354

Yoga – Pranayama / Meditation

More information coming soon about this new class commencing in February 2016.  Contact Deb from Mindful Living Yoga:

M: 0438 264 354

Yoga – Kids Yoga

Yoga provides children with choices on how to find that calmness when it is most needed. If a child needs to be calm, Yoga teaches them concentration and focus in a nurturing and safe environment. Calmness taught on the yoga mat is a positive experience for children.

Yoga helps children at school. Through breathing and meditation children develop clear minds and focus better. Learning becomes easier, knowledge is absorbed and thinking is clearer. Yoga builds healthy minds for learning and development.

Yoga provides a positive worldview. By learning to harmonise and help others, the environment and themselves children become happier and look at things from different perspectives. By changing the way we look at things the things we look at will change. Yoga are excellent foundations for developing positive attitudes.

When:  Tuesdays 4.30pm

How to Book: Contact Deb from Mindful Living Yoga:

M: 0438 264 354

Pilates Classes for Mum’s

Pregnancy Pilates

Stay strong and fit throughout your pregnancy with our Matt Pregnancy Pilates class.  These classes are instructed by our Exercise Physiologist.  Ladies must have a Doctor’s clearance for exercise and be in their second trimester.  Women suffering from incontinence and or back pain, must have a Pre-Class Assessment appointment with the Exercise Physiologist prior to commencing classes.


Wednesday Evenings – 6pm – 6.50pm

How to Book:

Call 3491 6533 to book your place or your Pre-Class Assessment – places are limited.

Beer + Bubs Childbirth Education for Dads

Beer and Bubs is a one-night workshop at the pub where dads can learn how to support their partner through the birth of their baby.

It helps men gain the practical knowledge they need to be involved in the births of their children in a positive way. And most men would rather head to the pub anyway.

Beer and Bubs is perfect for first time fathers who don’t know what they’re in for as well as those going back for a second or third round who weren’t well prepared the first time. It’s ideal for expectant dads who have soldiered through the antenatal classes, bored to snores, but have come out the other end with little practical understanding of what their job at the birth and for those who don’t have time to do weeks of antenatal classes.