Many children and adults diagnosed with ADHD struggle with getting a good nights sleep.

Symptoms can include:

  • Reluctance or inability to settle to sleep
  • Waking up frequently
  • Nightmares or night terrors
  • Difficulty in sleep onset or maintenance
  • Fatigue
  • Restless sleep
  • Waking up unrefreshed

Naturopathically my role is to support my patients to identify the root cause of their symptoms. One of the triggers contributing to poor sleep are respiratory allergies which reduce the time spent asleep.

A study involving children with ADHD reported 83% of children suffering from allergic rhinitis symptoms:

Sneezing Post-nasal drip Itchy nose Coughing

Runny nose Stuffy nose Watery or itchy eyes Sore or scratchy throat

Frequent headaches Itchy palate (upper mouth) Fatigue

Sleep disordered breathing Fatigue

43% were showing signs of allergic rhinitis and 53% also had atopic disorders:

Asthma Eczema Allergic Conjunctivitis Chronic red or itchy skin

Hay fever

The top 2 foods I see patients reacting to is dairy and gluten. Some people may feel overwhelmed at reducing these foods in their diet, but as a fellow ADHD mumma with lots of allergies in the family I have been eating gluten, dairy and soy free for years so I can provide a whole list of alternatives so you don’t feel like you are missing out.

Not everyone is sensitive to these foods which is where tests are a great addition to the naturopathic treatment plan.

I have several testing options available for the whole family to support allergies, ADHD and sleep quality:

A stool test can check what needs to be eliminated from the gut (virus, parasite, bacterial or fungal infection), check the healthy good bacteria to see what needs to be balanced and balanced and check the gut function to see what needs to be restored back to good health.

Food sensitivity testing checks for an immune response for up to 146 different foods and can cater to a vegetarian, Asian or standard Australian diet.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – A small sample of hair can provide information on heavy metals that need to be detoxified from the body, mineral imbalances and deficiencies and also what is likely to develop or continue if these imbalances aren’t addressed (depression, anxiety, thyroid issues, constipation, gall stones, liver dysfunction, anaemia, dermatitis, allergies, periodontal problems, adrenal insufficiency, insomnia etc)

Many of my patients prefer a natural alternative when it comes to getting a good night sleep as they want to wake refreshed and don’t want to have to take a sleep tablet the rest of their life.

If you or your family need support with allergies, sleep or ADHD book a naturopathic appointment at Embrace Life.

Resource: Santich, R & Bone, K. (2008). Phytotherapy Essentials: Healthy Children Optimising Children’s Health with Herbs. Warwick, QLD: Phytotherapy Press.